Frecuent asked questions

We try to answer some concerns raised by our patients.

What requirements must I meet to undergo a cosmetic surgery?

The ideal patient for cosmetic surgery should know exactly what you want, be aware of your image, knowing what you do not like and what you intended. The prospective patient should understand very well the expectations of change. As with any surgery, surgery is contraindicated when we present boxes high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, heart, lung, kidney and liver problems. Also, the need for anticoagulant medication and certain psychiatric pathologies, discourage possible intervention.

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Do treatments of wrinkles by Botox is dangerous?

No, if you are in good hands. The effect of botulinum toxin is the slowing of the muscle action infiltrating muscle, thus preventing its contraction and thus wrinkles in the area.

What can you expect from cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery can enhance the appearance of the patient and improve confidence in itself, but what it can not do is turn him into another person. Before deciding to undergo surgery operation must think clearly about your expectations and discuss them with your surgeon.

What is the best age to undergo cosmetic surgery?

When you begin to feel dissatisfied with their physical appearance. Not by waiting for the old worsen the problem, the better the results. If you are in good health there is no reason not to perform an operation.

What are the non-surgical options to rejuvenate the face?

Aesthetic medicine offers several options to rejuvenate facial skin that do not involve surgery: filling facial wrinkles, facial mesotherapy and exotoxin A (Botox, Dysport) are some of the treatments. Unlike cosmetic surgery, these treatments require no recovery time and results are often notice after a short time.

What risks can have cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery, like any other surgery, has inherent risks (allergies, infections of tissues, bleeding, etc.). However, it is shown that the percentage of overall complications is extremely low because normally requires a less deep anesthesia and usually performed in healthy patients.
Each year, millions of people undergo cosmetic operations smoothly, since the results outweigh the possible risks.

How often lasts the recovery period?

The time it takes to recover from cosmetic surgery depends on the intervention takes place and the person to whom it is made. Most patients require the help of a family during the first two postoperative days, but in most cases and interventions patients feel comfortable enough to leave after 3-7 days have elapsed.

I have cellulite on legs and fat deposits on the outside of the thighs. I can do you solve with liposuction?

Liposuction removes fatty lumps on the thighs, but the cellulite itself is best treated directly. By treatment with mesotherapy can achieve a significant improvement decreasing the volume of the affected areas.