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Welcome to Edgar Samaniego Cisneros´s website, plastic surgeon.

The ultimate goal of cosmetic surgery is to contribute to the welfare and harmony of the person who wants to be operated.

The surgeon aims to offer the best service to the patient and obtain the best possible result.
 The optimal formula is a combination of: the expectations of the patient, the surgeon aesthetic concept, the available techniques and skill of the surgeon.
While each person has individual anatomical boundaries that may affect the improvements they want to be made, significant changes are possible.
It is important to make it clear that all surgery, including that performed by qualified plastic surgeons, has risks and complications can occur.
Individuals vary in their anatomy, and physical reactions, and its healing power, therefore, it is impossible to predict the outcome of surgery exactly 100%.
The inherent complications to surgery, in some cases, are impossible to prevent or solve, and therefore, these issues influence the final result.

Edgar Samaniego