Nonsurgical procedures
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Facial Implants

This section contains information about the various techniques for placing implants (whether permanent or temporary) to improve the patient's facial appearance.+INFO

Intense Pulsating Light
Luz Pulsada Intensa

( IPL ) Skin aging has multiple causes, such as, exposure to the sun without proper protection, high stress levels, tobacco use, inadequate diet, in addition to the heredity factor.+INFO

Hilos Tensores

This is a new technique where the placement of polypropylene threads are placed in order to reposition structures that have lost their place due to flacidity of the skin.


It is the only method by which the medication is localized close to the pathology base.+INFO


It means shell, loosen the top layers of the epidermis. Is obtained by removing the damaged skin layers and renewal providing new collagen structures.+INFO

Platelet rich plasma
Platelet Rich Plasma

Growth factors are biological mediators group of proteins involved in the processes of repair, restoration and cell regeneration. Contained in the alpha granules of platelets, and are transported by the plasma.+INFO

Ultra Cavitation
Ultra Cavitación

It is an apparatus which generates ultracavitations. This technology is based on the application of ultrasonic waves of up to 30 watts.+INFO


It is sound energy produced by the mechanical oscillation in a body. The action of molecular mechanical agitation through the ultrasonic waves produce a deep micro-massage of the tissue which increases the local temperature, not perceptible, yet beneficial to the patient.+INFO


This is a novel, safe and non-invasive alternative treatment to surgery. A state-of-the-art ultrasonic apparatus is used to dissolve localized fat and cellulite.


Interpherencial waves act deeply generating a reducing and toning effect of the adipose tissue.+INFO